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Why Pangaea Adventures

Why Pangaea? We're the Locals' Choice

It's all about Customer Service

Our customer service is unmatched by any other sea kayak company! The destinations we explore speak for themselves!

We take your vacation very seriously and personally. When you have a good time, we have a good time. That is what it is really all about.

Give us a call and sign up for a trip of a lifetime.



Here are just a few reasons to sea kayak in Alaska and travel with Pangaea!!!

scenic glacier tours
1. Guaranteed Departures (Expand)
We run our trips everyday, rain or shine! The only reason Pangaea would ever cancel a tour would be due to severe weather in the Sound. We cannot control Mother Nature! While cancellations due to weather is rare, it can certainly happen. We are happy to accommodate any travelers who have had their previous plans change at the last minute. Call us to see what trips we have available, I bet we can help save your vacation.
2. Fresh Food Prepared by Caring Cooks! (Expand)
Our guides put in a full day of work just to prepare the meals for an extended tour. All of our guides have a passion for healthy, hearty food with a zesty flare! We serve fresh vegetables, fish, and meats when ever possible (this is Alaska!). Typical breakfasts would be oatmeal pancakes, or smoked Gouda cheese scrambles and cereals. Lunches of grilled vegetable sandwiches, garden burritos, or cold cuts; and there are always snack plates of smoked salmon, fine cheeses, fruit, and dips. Dinners are the highlight with fresh salmon or halibut, grilled chicken, vegetable risotto, salads, or Thai cuisine.
3. Current Member of Key Industry Organizations: (Expand)
Valdez Convention and Visitors Bureau
Copper Valley Visitor Bureau
AWRTA (Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association)
TAPS (Trade Association of Paddle Sports)
4. Safety First: (Expand)
Safety always comes first on our tours. We will go well out of our way for our guests safety at any cost. Our trained guides and captains are just part of the safety process.
5. Alaska's Best Reputation: (Expand)
It's true! It is common for people to travel around Alaska and hear our name in conversation. It is even more common to be recommended to us by folks who have joined our tours. For this reason, we are the top choice for cruise ships, bicycle companies, and other local tour groups for their sea kayaking excursions. Go with the reputation, go with the sure thing!
6. Best Value! (Expand)
Our guests expectations are always blown away by the services they receive for the prices they pay. We are competitively priced, but way ahead of the game when it comes to quality. We never cut corners on food, equipment, or guides!
7. Best Guide to Guest Ratio: (Expand)
8 to 1 Ratio or better on day tours.
4 to 1 Ratio or better on overnight tours.
8. Fully insured and Permitted (Expand)
Our list of land permits are listed on the tab above.
9. The Best Equipment (Expand)
We only use the best up to date and well maintained gear. Check out our gear in the tab above.
10. A list of business clients who choose Pangaea Adventures
  • REI Adventures
    Princess Tours
  • St. Elias Apline Guides
  • Alaska Bike
    World Explorer Cruises
    Alaska Heritage Tours
    University of Michigan
    Boy Scouts of America
  • All Alaska Tours
    Get up and Go Tours!
    Camp Alaska
    Trek America
    World Explorer Tours
    Stan Stephens Cruises
    AmeriCan Adventures
    The World Outdoors
    Alaska Alpine Adventures
    Pangaea Quest
    And dozens of others!
  • And we thank each company for their support.

Written Reviews in Top Travel Guides:

Frommers Alaska:

Day trips to Shoup or Columbia glaciers get you into more of the beautiful, remote country that makes Prince William Sound so exceptional. Pangaea Adventures (tel. 800/660-9637 or 907/835-8442; www.alaskasummer.com) offers guided sea kayaking from Valdez, or rentals for experienced paddlers (for whom the Sound is a paradise). They also offer multiday guided camping trips deeper into the Sound, or, for those who prefer a bed, lodge and "mother ship" expeditions, wherein clients paddle by day and stay on board or in a lodge at night. Pangaea offers many other services as well: water taxi and kayak drop-off, ice climbing and glacier hiking, river rafting, and even trips that combine these activities in the Sound and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Check out the website.

Lonely Planet "Alaska" Travel Guide

"Pangaea Adventures has received great reader recommendations for it's guided tours"

Insiders Guide to Anchorage and South Central Alaska

"Sea kayaking, Backpacking and Multi-Sport Trips are among the specialties of this well established outdoor adventure company. With an average guide to guest ratio of 1:4 guests, Pangaea strives for a person, informative wilderness experience."

Moon Travel Guides Alaska

Pangaea Adventures listing a variety of trip options, highlighting the Columbia Glacier kayak day tour.

Inside Passage & Coastal Alaska

Pangaea Adventures are nice people, leading short trips to Duck Flats, slightly longer trips to Gold Creek, and full days to Shoup Glacier and Columbia Glacier.


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Join Pangaea Adventures for sea kayaking tours in Alaska. Guided trips in Prince William Sound. Sea Kayak Day Tours to famous glaciers like Columbia Glacier. Sea Kayak Camping Tours in Alaska wilderness. Backpacking Wrangell St. Elias National Park. Glacier Day Hikes in the Chugach Mountains. Guided glacier hikes on Worthington Glacier. Water Taxi Valdez.