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  • Sea Kayak Rentals
  • Instruction
  • Guided Rental
  • Other Equipment Rentals
  • Remote Cabins Rentals

Sea Kayak Rentals in Prince William Sound - Valdez Alaska

Kayak rentals in Prince William Sound, without guides, are available for experienced paddlers who have both cold water and self rescue experience. Valdez offers great kayaking opportunities for either day trips or extended tours. You can choose to start a trip right from the harbor, or we can help arrange a water taxi for remote drop off and pick up. Rentals are only available from our shop in Valdez, and we do not allow our renters to transport our kayaks by auto or trailer.

Kayak Rental Package Includes These Items:

  • Fully outfitted kayak
    1 paddle per person
    1 spray skirt per person
    1 life jacket per person
    1 paddle float per kayak
    1 pump per kayak
    1 extra paddle per group
  • 1 sponge per kayak
  • 1 dry bag per person

Sea Kayak Rental Requirements:

SELF RESCUE ... Renters must be able to demonstrate, on land, the proper techniques for a self rescue. If you cannot demonstrate a self rescue properly you will be required to take a lesson in which you'll need to prove you can be safe on the water. This is for your safety and required by our insurance.

Self Rescue Lessons: Available for $45 (More Information)

Sea Kayak Single Day Rental Multiple Day Rental
Single $55 $50 per day
Double $75 $70 per day

Radio / Flare package is $10 day.*

All Rentals are required to carry a VHF marine radio and flares. Radios and flares are available for rent.
You are also required to carry a chart or map of the area. This is for your safety. Before departing for any rental you will be required to write down your planned itinerary.


Sea Kayak Instruction in Prince William Sound - Valdez Alaska

sea kayak instruction lesson alaska

Basic Self Rescue Instruction

We teach basic techniques to be able get back into your kayak if you tip over. We show you how to use a "Paddle Float" to assist in the self rescue.

We start with an on-land demonstration, then put on dry suits to practice in the water. We have each student paddle out to demonstrate the technique and practice with our instructor supervision.

Lesson takes 1.5-2 hours

Only $45 per person

Advanced Kayak and Navigational Instruction

Pangaea Adventures offers customized clinics based on individual interests and goals. Clinic can last from 1/2 day to multiple day outings. Each coarse is set up on an individual basis.

Full Day Private Clinics:
1:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $350 per person
2:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $250 per person
3:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $200 per person
4:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $175 per person

Half Day Private Clinics:
1:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $200 per person
2:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $150 per person
3:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $125 per person
4:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $95 per person

Overnight Camping Clinics:
1:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $350 per person + $40 food kitty per day
2:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $250 per person + $40 food kitty per day
3:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $200 per person + $40 food kitty per day
4:1 Client:Guide Ratio - $175 per person + $40 food kitty per day

Guide Sea kayak Rentals in Prince William Sound

guided sea kayak rentals

Guided Rentals... Sea Kayak Prince William Sound at your pace, with our Kayaks & Guides

If you are interested in exploring Prince William Sound and would like to take care of your own meals and you have all of your own camping equipment, then you might be interested in a Guided Rental.

A guided rental is when you rent kayaks from Pangaea Adventures and then hire a guide to show you the way and act as a safety net. You set your own itinerary, bring your own camping equipment, and prepare your own meals.

Guided Rental Price

$350 Per Guide / Per Day (up to 8 paddlers or 4 Kayaks)
+ Kayak Rental Package Cost ($50 single or $70 Double)
+ Water Taxi Cost (If you use an optional water taxi)


Guided Rentals are not suggested for groups with minimal camping experience. If you are new to camping, we suggest a fully outfitted tour. Guided rentals are available in Prince William Sound from Valdez only.

Alaska State Park Cabin Rental Information / Forest Service Cabin Rental Information

The following agencies offer Public Use Cabins in the Valdez area.

Each cabin is accessible by water only. You can either kayak to the cabins or hire a water taxi for a remote drop-off.

State Park Cabins Located in Shoup Bay: 10 miles from Valdez : $65 peak per night per cabin.
More Information at http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/cabins/pws.htm
Online Reservations Available or by contacting the Kenai Area Office
Kenai Area Office, Alaska State Parks at (907) 262-5581

National Forest Service Cabin in Jack Bay: About 20 Miles from Valdez
More information at http://www.fs.fed.us/r10/Chugach/cordova/pages/cabins/jackbay.html
Occupancy of Forest Service cabins is by permit only ($35 per night per party).
Reservations may be made up to 180 days in advance by calling (877)444-6777 toll free or (518)885-3639

Pangaea Adventures offers Water Taxi Services to these cabins on a daily Basis from May through September.

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