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Family Adventure Tours (Sea Kayak, Backpack, Fish, Raft & Glacier Hikes)

alaska multi-sport tours

Alaska Family Adventures

Guided sea kayaking, backpacking and rafting in Prince William Sound, Wrangell St. Elias National Park, the Chugach Mountains, and the Copper Basin of South Central Alaska.

Multi-sport tours are just the ticket to explore Alaska with a variety of hiking, kayaking, rafting, backpacking and camping activites. By combining the best of each activity in the most scenic areas in Alaska, we have created unforgetable itineraries suitable for a variety of skill levels.. We sea kayak to glaciers, raft wilderness rivers, and backpack through the towering glaciated mountains.

Offering three levels

High Adventure Camping Trips : From Sea kayak camping in Prince William Sound to Fly-in Backpacking in Wragell St. Elias National Park.

Combo Camping & Lodge Trips - Great if you want to experience the wilderness without having to sleep in a tent

Wilderness Lodge & Mothership Trips - Great if you want to experience the wilderness without having to sleep in a tent.

Choose from a Variety of Trips... or customize your own!

Family Adventure Camping Trips    
4 day Columbia Glacier Family Camp 4 days kayak camping Columbia Glacier and Glacier Island Details
Camp & Cabin Multi-Sport Trips    
7 day Camp & Cabin Multi-Sport Sampler 3 days Columbia Glacier camp, one day raft and 3 days lodge hiking Details
8 day Father Son Mutli-Sport Kayak camping, halibut fishing, salmon fishing, backpacking. Details
Wliderness Lodge & Mothership Trips    
7 day Wilderness Lodge Multi-sport Lodge based sea kayaking, rafting and lodge based hiking adventure. Details

Alaska Family Tours

Family Tour Choices and Sample Itineraries

Choose from a variety or itineraries ranging from 100& camping to 100% Lodge Accomodations. All of these itineraries are suitable for ages 6 years and older.


  Tour Name Basic Description Price Adult Price Child  
  4 Day Columbia Glacier kayak Camping Tour

High Adventure
Explore Alaska's famous Columbia Glacier by kayak. Move to Glacier Island to paddle at the Sea Lion Colony. A wildlife journey surrouded by floating icebergs.

$1179 $


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  7 Day
Alaska Family
Camp & Cabin

Combo Camp & Lodge
Combines our 3 Day Columbia Glacier kayak camping tour, a day of rafting and 3 days of lodge based day hikes in Wrangell St. Elias National Park.

$2995 $


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7 Day Wilderness Lodge Family Multisport

Wilderness Lodge Based
All of the wildlife, scenery and adventure
without leaving behind the comforts of home.
Call $


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  8 Day
Father - Son
Multi-Sport Adventure

Camp & Cabin Combo
A camp & cabin adventure of sea kayaking, backpacking and fishing. Paddle prime fishing water, fish for King Salmon on a river and fly-in for some
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Over half of our departures each year are customized trips we design with our guests. Call us to customize your trip.

Custom Custom Details

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Family Adventures in Alaska

family adventures in Alaska

Customizing your Family Adventures

Pangaea Adventures is based on ultimate in customer service. With this we believe in offering customized trips to meet your families needs and wishes.


Lenth of Trip:

  • 1 to 11 Days in Length


Choose the activities you want to participate in:

  • Sea Kayaking
    Glacier Hike or Ice Climbing


Choose a comfort & level of Adventure:

  • Camping
    Wilderness Lodge
    In Town Hotels or B&B's
    Mothership (Charter boat)

Join Pangaea Adventures for sea kayaking tours in Alaska. Guided trips in Prince William Sound. Sea Kayak Day Tours to famous glaciers like Columbia Glacier. Sea Kayak Camping Tours in Alaska wilderness. Backpacking Wrangell St. Elias National Park. Glacier Day Hikes in the Chugach Mountains. Guided glacier hikes on Worthington Glacier. Water Taxi Valdez.