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Conditioning Your Muscles For Your Tour

Sea Kayak Day Tours:

Very little pre-trip conditioning is needed for our kayak day tours. This holds true for our lodge based and mothership based kayak tours as well. We paddle in calm waters and usually only cover about 5 miles in a long day.

Kayak Camping Tours:

We highly suggest you go out and paddle a few days prior to your kayak camping tour. If you can not get out and paddle we suggest a minimum of daily walks and hikes. Some strength training is good to consider as well. High repetition workouts will be more adventageous than pure strength training. Consider a rowing machine. Also, abdominal excersizes are great, so get going on those crunches!


Get out and hike! Start slow with just a couple of miles and work your way up to feeling comforatable with carrying a 35-40 pound pack for the same distance. This is a great time to break in your hiking boots. Cardio-vascular excersize is a must. Set a goal a couple months in advance and try to get at least 30 minutes of walking a day with at least one long hike a week.



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